Five ideas for great software QA

Five ideas for great software QA

Five ideas for great software QA. In software projects, it is widespread to hear phrases like “It is not likely to be tested because…”, “The developer interpreted the requirement differently,” “I don’t know why I failed” or simply “It is not my responsibility.”

It is incredible to think about how often we can encounter these types of situations, even when the software has evolved dramatically.

That is why it is necessary to embed the principle of “Quality criteria definition” in the final deliverable, which must be a fundamental and robust aspect to obtain a good result.

These five points are the key to deliver high-impact software projects successfully.

Usability: emphasize the ease in which a user will handle the tool. If we can achieve interaction with the software without room for doubt, we have made a breakthrough.

There are multiple aspects to be considered in good usability: the design standards for all screens, their proportions, colors, dimensions, and navigation, in addition to including aids to answer questions as quickly and easily about a field or system selection, this helps the user to understand its use and become familiar with the tool.

Security: this is one of the most critical aspects of our projects. We clearly cannot allow leaks or intruders who are generally looking to use our information unlawfully and fraudulently.

That is why we must guarantee and promote good software development practices and establish the necessary controls to avoid this unpleasant situation for companies and even more so in times like these when computer fraud has significantly increased.

Adaptability and flexibility: prefer modular systems that grow as the company grows, without dependence on closed code that generates too much effort by requiring an evolution in its modules and allows the reuse of what already exists.

Audit: it is vital to have systems that include all the required traceability of data, allowing users to consult the processing of information within the tool to act immediately in any situation that arises. It is crucial to have auditable systems that enable you to monitor what is happening inside your software in the fastest and easiest way.

Performance: the relationship of the code’s logic expressed in the best way using the best practices of software development. Performance manifests in the timely completion of transactions that the system performs and the processing of data volume according to the necessity.

We cannot disregard these points mentioned above, which are intangibles within our systems. As we include this items in our checklist of QA priorities, they will help us improve the quality of the solution provided by the technological environment and, in turn, improve your operational efficiency.


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