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Choose your digital transformation tools wisely.

Technology tools are becoming increasingly important in today's business world. However, not all tools are created equal. It's important...

Posted on   Nov 24, 2022 ​   by

Beyond your NetSuite integration

With NetSuite's seamless integrations with FMS, companies can enjoy the benefits of an improved operations and higher productivity...

Posted on   Oct 24, 2022 ​   by   Juan Botero

UX and UI in digital transformation

When we refer to a digital transformation project within a company, we refer to new solutions and their development. Generally, the...

Posted on   Sep 16, 2022 ​   by   jbotero59

Human side of digital transformation

There is a magical moment when systems come alive; this doesn’t happen when you deploy your software in production. It occurs when the...

Posted on   Sep 13, 2022 ​   by   jbotero59

Myths around digital transformation

Digital transformation is here for good. It stopped being optional for any company to become essential for every company, regardless of...

Posted on   Sep 7, 2022 ​   by   jbotero59

Taking your organization to the next level with the right technology partner

The development of custom software is becoming increasingly important for organizations within the technological change we are...

Posted on   Sep 9, 2022 ​   by   Juan F Botero

Five ideas for great software QA

In software projects, it is widespread to hear phrases like "It is not likely to be tested because...", "The developer interpreted the...

Posted on   Sep 9, 2022 ​   by   Juan F Botero

People: the main piece for digital transformation.

Many doubts and questions appear when you decide to start a digital transformation process at your company. Fake premises, walls, and...

Posted on   Sep 9, 2022 ​   by   Juan F Botero

Digital Transformation vs Digital modernization

We have been working under the "Digital Transformation" umbrella for many years now. But this interesting article shows the difference...

Posted on   Jun 17, 2021 ​   by   Juan F Botero

DICE is the most effective Change Management framework

COVID has accelerated digital transformation initiatives for most companies. But introducing new systems and procedures is difficult. ...

Posted on   Jun 1, 2021 ​   by   Juan F Botero

The fourth foundation

Software development is a construction process within a technological application, from which different specialties emerge, such as the...

Posted on   May 16, 2021 ​   by   Juan F Botero

The boom of mobile Apps in the software industry.

In recent years we have experienced perhaps the most outstanding technological growth of all time worldwide due to the evolution of...

Posted on   Sep 9, 2022 ​   by   Juan F Botero

Avoid the extra cost of Tableau creating custom reports in Salesforce using Apex and CSS

An undisclosed client of Inmov North America had implemented Salesforce with the objective of centralizing all the information of the sales...

Posted on   May 11, 2023    by   Juan F Botero

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