Avoid the extra cost of Tableau creating custom reports in Salesforce using Apex and CSS

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Avoid the extra cost of Tableau creating custom reports in Salesforce: An undisclosed client of Inmov North America had implemented Salesforce with the objective of centralizing all the information of the sales agents and providing valuable insights to the leadership through dashboards.

However, the standard reporting features of Salesforce were found to be limited, causing frustration for the director of sales and the CFO due to the lack of comprehensive information.



The client’s vision was to create a report with drill-down capabilities from territory to agent, invoice, and SKU. They also wanted to display performance against quota in dollar and percentage at each level, as well as year-to-year variations and 12- and 24-month rolling performance data. Salesforce’s recommendation was to implement Tableau as a solution, but the client was not interested in adding another license with its associated costs of operation and support.



Inmov North America stepped in to provide a custom reporting solution using Apex and CSS. Apex, being the native language of Salesforce, enabled the expansion and creation of personalized capabilities for the application. Advanced CSS was employed to develop an easy-to-use user interface with scroll bars, frozen columns, and colors.



The result was a custom report with three levels of drill-down that provides the leadership team with the necessary information to make critical decisions on territory design, agent performance, market basket, and SKU performance. This highly adopted report was developed at a fraction of the cost of implementing and supporting Tableau.