The power of big data and AI

Information has become the new currency for companies, organizations, and governments. Through data analysis, it’s possible to make better decisions. The power of Big Data lies precisely in the multiple sources of information available, along with its countless applications. However, this technology discipline has raised concerns among those who believe that something more important still exists: people’s privacy.

Nowadays, employing Big Data techniques is crucial for an organization to harness the potential of the information it possesses. Big Data is a method and technique for retrieving, collecting, managing, and analyzing a vast volume of structured and unstructured information that would be impossible to process using traditional methods such as spreadsheets. Therefore, Big Data is intrinsically linked to a constant quest for new technologies and techniques to analyze it.

With that said, one of the major challenges facing the sector is precisely the rapid growth in the volume of information to be analyzed. In this regard, having a vast amount of information holds no value if there is no efficient way to correlate it. The power of data lies precisely in the fact that through information analysis, it is possible to identify trends, patterns, or behaviors of individuals or customers, both current and potential, who interact with the services or products of a company or organization.

But, how can we help today’s companies to solve this? One of the techniques that has gained the most strength in 2023 was artificial intelligence, how? Well, basically implementing it in your software to process and analyze the data makes our work easier. By simply training your current platforms with all your company information, you can ask specific questions about your own company without having to search through a ton of documents to find a single piece of information. Imagine that you are a market research company with a lot of different platforms that extract data from different places in each of your departments, with the help of artificial intelligence it is as easy as opening a chat and asking, “what have been the total sales of the entire company in 2024” and get an exact number from anywhere.

AI has been an essential step for business digital transformation. AI allows you to automate complex analysis tasks, identify patterns and trends, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of data-driven decision-making processes. So you’re still not sure about implementing AI in your company? Combining big data with AI offers numerous benefits. It enables you to gain a deep understanding of customers, optimize business operations, improve product and service customization, predict trends and early detection of problems and develop more effective solutions in various fields, from measurement to transportation and beyond.

If you want to know more about how to implement AI in your company, don’t worry, if you want something from scratch or already have an idea of how to implement it, at Inmov North America we adapt to your needs without compromising your company’s sensitive information! We invite you to schedule your discovery meeting with us and discover how artificial intelligence can transform your company.