Case study LightRight Cloud: Transforming Operations for a Major North American Service Provider

Case study LightRight Cloud: Transforming Operations for a Major North American Service Provider

Summary of the Problem

Case study LightRight Cloud: Transforming Operations for a Major North American Service Provider: Our client, a leading service provider with approximately 45 franchises across North America, was grappling with several operational challenges. Their existing system was outdated and technologically deprecated, hindering their ability to put forth an attractive proposal to their end customers.

The system did not incorporate a fieldwork application, a crucial feature necessary to consolidate the data captured during service delivery at a customer’s home. The data was not consolidated into a single source, with each franchise maintaining its own database on physical equipment. The system was also not integrated with other essential systems, creating inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

Our Solution: The LightRight Cloud System

Enter LightRight Cloud, our state-of-the-art system designed to support the operation of this major industry player. We aimed to address the pain points and improve their overall operational efficiency.

The LightRight Cloud system is built using the latest technologies, providing web, desktop, and mobile application solutions to meet the needs of each end-user. We have created a cutting-edge lighting design system that allows for the creation and delivery of elegant and appealing proposals to the final customer.

Our system also includes a mobile solution, enabling the consolidation of all information captured during field work. The cloud-based system allows for information to be consolidated in real time into a single data source, vastly improving data management and accessibility.

In addition, our cloud systems facilitate easy installation and use as they are built with the latest technologies. They also integrate seamlessly with systems like Quickbooks and Stripe, ensuring smooth and efficient payment processing and customer management.


Since the implementation of the LightRight Cloud system, our client has witnessed a significant improvement in their operations. The modern and attractive visual design system has led to an increase in customer engagement and sales. The cloud-based data consolidation and fieldwork application have streamlined their operations, reducing inefficiencies and ensuring all franchises work with up-to-date, consolidated data.


Leveraging the power of the LightRight Cloud system, our client was able to overcome their operational challenges, improve their service delivery, and enhance their customer engagement.

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