DICE is the most effective Change Management framework

COVID has accelerated digital transformation initiatives for most companies. But introducing new systems and procedures is difficult. If you want to change your business through technology, pay special attention to change management.


  • Prefer long Project with frequent control points.
  • Pay more attention to the time between reviews than the length of the project.
  • Review every six to eight weeks. Complex projects require much closer control points.
  • Control via milestones.
  • Effective milestones describe significant actions.


  • Free up the best staff of the project while making sure the day-to-day operations don’t falter.
  • Be inclusive when assembling the project’s team.
  • Be sure to use your best leaders and not your most senior staff members as project leaders.


  • Get visible backing from the most influential executives.
  • Create enthusiasm in the people who must deal with the new system.
  • Top-level commitment is vital to engage the base of the organization.


  • Calculate how much work employees will have to do beyond their existing responsibilities to adopt the new system.
  • If the calculated workload is more than 10%, redesign your project.
  • Keep track of all the projects you have active in your organization at a given time.
  • Consider bringing temporary workers to relieve the load during the project.

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